Why Survey2Go works (and how it helps you)...
In many survey situations, using paper is the only practical method. Imagine conducting a weekend seminar and requesting your attendees to go home, login to a website, and complete the on-line course evaluation form. It just won't happen.
As necessary as paper is in these situations, manually processing the results to get meaningful information is tedious and error prone. Survey2Go gives you the best of both worlds: convenience of paper and on-line automation.
The Survey2Go solution provides:

Easy Survey Creation
  • Easy copy/edit features to build new surveys from existing ones.
  • Visual interface makes it easy to select and modify your custom survey format on a question by question basis.
  • Upload pictures to include in your questions and answers.
Uses Standard Office Technology
  • Use your office scanner/copier; no special special scanner required.
  • No software to install or manage; you just need an Internet browser.
Fast, Accurate Results
  • In most cases, results are ready for your review the next day or sooner.
  • Automatic response evaluation for all multiple choice questions.
  • Easy, fast, consistent process for summarizing write-in questions of any size.
  • A variety of survey result reports and tools to meet your needs.
  • Trend reports across same surveys
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