“The International Academy of Orthopedic Medicine (IAOM) has been using Survey2Go for all our evaluations starting at the end of 2007, and we’re thrilled with the results.

The system itself is really user friendly and virtually mistake proof. It takes almost no time to create new evaluations, modify existing evaluations, or to upload the completed, scanned evaluations. And, like clockwork, we have the results the next morning. The evaluations themselves are very professional looking, and project a very polished image to the students in our courses.

Survey2Go is a very powerful tool that we will continue to utilize more and more. I enthusiastically give Survey2Go my highest recommendation for anyone who utilizes surveys in any capacity. ”

-Sharon Fitzgerald, Administrative Assistant IAOM-US
“Survey2Go is very simple and easy to use. We used it for our Sports Medicine Fall Symposium survey. If you have been compiling surveys “by hand,” using Survey2Go is definitely a more efficient was to get survey results.”
-Denise Knutson, Certified Athletic Trainer and Medical Assistant, CU Sports Medicine
“I would recommend Survey2Go for anyone who needs to analyze survey results quickly. As a small volunteer conference team at our church, we did not have time to compile the survey results from our conference. Survey2Go did this for us. It made the feedback easy to understand and made our post mortem meeting more productive. ”
-Don Lundberg, Volunteer Conference Coordinator for a Community Church
“Survey2Go is a user-friendly service for creating and utilizing results of an evaluation of a parish program, series, or retreat offered over a period of time and/or to a number of parishioners. Evaluations are a tool for parish staffs and committees to determine to what degree a program has met goals. Equally important, evaluations enable participants to reflect on their experience, which is essential for change to happen in how one relates to God, self and others.

As one who is responsible for forming people in faith, I use an evaluation tool for everything offered in the parish on an ongoing basis. Survey2Go enables us to have the information compiled and summarized in a short time, so that we can then use the results to assist in future planning. ”
Debbie Vasicek, Faith Formation Director for Pax Christi Catholic Church