Survey2Go pricing...
The cost per survey is determined by how many surveys you conduct, the number of respondents, and the number of pages in your survey. There are no setup costs and your account is debited only after your survey has been successfully analyzed. There is no charge for creating surveys.
Volume Discount
For instance, if you conduct 20, 2-page surveys for groups of 35 respondents, you cost will be approximately $0.45 per page scan or $630 for automatically analyzing all 1,400 survey pages. High volume users can pay much less per page by purchasing survey credits in bulk for your account. The more credits you purchase at one time the cheaper they are.
Use our handy survey credit calculator to determine the optimum purchase level for you.
Your credits never expire and can be used anytime. Click here for more details about our purchase policy.
How to get started
Contact us today to setup a “no-obligation” account and give it a try.
We will automatically add 25 survey credits* to your account to get you started. Experience Survey2Go for yourself. Survey2Go provides the automation and accuracy to save you hours of manual survey analysis.
(*enough credits for a 1 page survey for 25 respondents)
We also offer survey design and creation services, can help facilitate large scale surveys, and can provide paper AND on-line response options. Contact us with your requirements and we will give you a quote.