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credit calculator Surveys are paid for by purchasing survey credits. One survey credit will be deducted from your survey credit account for each survey page side we analyze. The cost per survey credit depends on the number you buy at one time as shown in the chart at the right. The more you buy the cheaper they are. Use our calculator below to determine the most economical number of survey credits to purchase based on the number and type of surveys you do. Remember, survey credits never expire and can be used any time.
#creditsprice range/credit
50-74$1.00 - $0.92
75-99$0.92 - $0.81
100-249$0.81 - $0.71
250-499$0.71 - $0.58
500-999$0.58 - $0.49
1,000-4,999$0.49 - $0.38
5,000-9,999$0.38 - $0.25
10,000+$0.25 - $0.20
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