How Survey2Go works...
Survey2Go uses a proprietary (patent pending) questionnaire creation and analysis system. The questionnaire creation tool gives you the freedom and ease to quickly layout your custom paper survey the way you want it.

Unlike traditional paper based technologies, your survey can contain questions with a variety multiple choice answers or write-in responses. Both questions and answers can include uploaded pictures.

After your surveys are completed, you simply scan and upload them to the Survey2Go website. The analysis engine processes the scans and automatically performs the tedious job of collating your survey responses so you can spend your time viewing final results. You receive an email containing a link to see your survey results.
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Write-in response process...
“But how do we process the write-in responses” you ask? We display all the write-in comments for each individual question together as image snippets and provide you a method for entering summary information for all comments for a given question. You can also view all comment snippets at any time so you don't need to archive the paper version of the survey forms.
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